What I learned
• I was able to define, ideate, prototype, and test by applying the Design Thinking methodology. I was able to comprehend how each phase may be used to aid in the creation of the ultimate product through this specific procedure.
• The user interviews were quite helpful to me during this project because they gave me information that I had not previously considered. This experience made me realise how crucial it is to eliminate bias from my study.
• In addition, I discovered how crucial it is to understand the consumer. It not only helps me comprehend the user's requirements and problems better, but it also enables me to approach the issue from a human-centered perspective.

Although this entire process took quite some time as it was my first time working on a UX project, it was a learning experience that truly taught me a number of important skills that a UX Designer needs. With my newly attained knowledge and skills, I feel more confident in my ability to tackle new projects.
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